Auto Dealer

A clean , accurate and most importantly , up to date database of automobile owners is the key to your next successful marketing campaign.

M data group understands that accurate auto owner information is the backbone to dealer buy – back programs and other dealer – based direct marketing efforts. Tap into the expertise of M data group and our dealer marketing experience to acquire a VIN driven list , and enhance target marketing efforts that result in sales.

M data Group’s dynamic exact auto database containing more than 180 million unique vehicles across 90 million plus households allows auto dealers to both identity and contact vehicles owners with the highest propensity to respond and ultimately purchase a vehicles.

Aside from vehicles specific targeting , M data group’s exact auto database is enhanced with literally hundreds of demographics to your auto mobile dealership’s marketing efforts. We know that age, income , home ownership and credit makes a difference in response and conversation.

  • Name & Address
  • Make & Model
  • Year of Vehicle
  • VIN Number
  • Phone Number
  • Age
  • Home Ownership
  • Credit Score
  • Months Remaining on Vehicle Loan
  • Household Income

Whether you are trying to increase dealer buy-backs, promote a dealer event, market extended warranties with dealer recognition, or simply drive showroom traffic; allow M Data Group’s Exact Auto database to fuel your next campaign.
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