Auto Warranty

communicate extended automotive warranty and auto service contact offers with confidence utilizing M data group’s exact auto database. The database features automobile owner lists with current and accurate information , M data group maintains one of the industry’s largest and most reliable collection of complaint data facilitating targeted communication for extended warranty provides and marketers. In meticulously compiling , updating , maintaining and validating our database , we collect a variety of information from multiple sources in order to provide an accurate list containing contact information of responsive automobile owners.

Here are some of the data elements we have:

  • Name & Address
  • Make & Model
  • Year of Vehicle
  • VIN Number
  • Phone Number
  • Age
  • Home Ownership
  • Hundreds of additional demographics

Wether your marketing strategies target automobile owners by projected x – date , geographical radius , or make model/vehicles year , M data group’s dynamic exact auto database is the most {accurate and up to date | upto –date} complaint auto owner database available to fuel your extended automotive warranty marketing campaigns.

  • Over 10 primary and proprietary data sources
  • Over 90 million households
  • Information on over 180 Million Vehicles
  • Selectable by hundreds of demographic for targeting

Tap into the expertise of M Data Group to acquire a custom auto warranty marketing list, and enhance target marketing efforts that result in sales. Contact us today to receive Auto Warranty leads and mailing lists.