Vacation Travel 360TM

Predicting Your Timeshare, Vacation Club & Package Buyers with Incredible Accuracy

The goal of marketers is to maximize response, customer activation, retention and cross-selling opportunities with the highest return on investment. Using regression analysis to build a predictive model, M Data Group gives you, the marketing professional, a state of the art data interaction utilizing more than 400 variables to determine the likelihood of an individual responding to a Timeshare, Vacation Club, or Vacation Package offer, and ultimately making a purchase.

Plain and simple – you have access to a Marketing List of Sales Leads with a higher propensity to respond to an offer, but more importantly, greater likelihood to purchase.

This unique product – Vacation Travel 360 – is only available through M Data Group. This proprietary product is your key to accessing the largest and most comprehensive data set of Timeshare Owners & Travelers with which to conduct targeted Destination Marketing.

Information is power and using our advanced data aggregation, segmentation and statistical modeling, M Data Group provides data-driven intelligence to ensure optimum decisions with your marketing programs to find:

  • Vacation Club & Vacation Package Buyers
  • Timeshare Buyers
  • Resort Buyers
  • Cruise Buyers
  • Hotel Buyers

In tough times you need every advantage – and that’s why Resort Marketing, Hotel Marketing and other travel industry professionals rely on M Data Group, and our more than 60 year of Direct Marketing experience. We understand today’s marketplace and the sensitivity regarding individual privacy, the National Do Not Call Registry, and CAN-SPAM Act requirements.

Whether Marketing a Hotel or launching a new Destination Marketing campaign, industry pros must develop new and innovative changes to available data driving prospective clients toward purchases of their products, goods, or services. Take a few minutes to contact M Data Group, and allow us an opportunity to demonstrate how Vacation Travel 360 will enhance your sales results.