Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I place an order?

A:Simply contact one of our team members with the specifications of your order. We will then send you an order acknowledgment for your review and signature.

Q:How do I pay for my order?

A:We require pre-payment via faxed check, wire, or credit card. RSI will accept terms upon credit approval.

Q:How long will it take me to get my order?

A:Your first order may take a bit longer than subsequent orders however we strive to turn around your order as soon as possible. If you are ordering data for direct mail only, your order processing time will be 24 hours or less after we have received your signed order acknowledgment and payment. In most cases, we are able to turn orders around in the same day. If you are ordering data for telemarketing, the processing time is a bit longer. Please allow us at least 24 hours processing for telemarketing due to the order level hygiene performed for you. Your first telemarketing order will take longer as we have to verify DNC compliance information before processing your order.

Q:What is a SAN?

A:If you plan to use data for telemarketing you must be DNC complaint by registering your company and obtaining a SAN (subscription account number). We require a copy of your SAN as well as a print out of your DNC registered area code geography from the FTC do not call website.

Q:Why do you require a SAN?

A:M Data Group is fully DNC compliant with all consumer data lists used for telemarketing purposes. Before we can output any DNC scrubbed phone numbers for use in telemarketing, we need to verify that your company is also DNC compliant. In order to do this, we obtain our clients SAN as required by the FTC.

Q:Where can I register for a SAN?


Q:How can I accurately target my selected GEO?

A:M Data Group provides you with the ability to accurately target your selected Geography by State, Zip Code, Zip Radius, Area Code, County, and Metro Statistical Area.

Q:Is the data you provide NCOA’d?

A:Yes. All of our lists are run through NCOA and are CASS certified to allow for the maximum postal discount and deliverability. We also utilize a proprietary change of address process to update moves not reported to the United States Postal Service. We pride ourselves on keeping our data up to date and the cleanest available.

Q:Can I use the data I ordered multiple times?

A:No, all of the data we provide is for a one time rental only. The data can be used for one mailing based upon the rental agreement and/or if phone numbers are provided for telemarketing, phone calls may be made for up to 30 days from the date of receipt of the data. We utilize Protect My Database, Inc. to seed all of our lists to prevent misuse and to maintain the integrity of our files.